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“Goooooood morning Vietnam”

By February 10, 2019Joe's last trip

Joe's last trip


“Goooooood morning Vietnam”

My schedule for January came out at the end of December and boy was I happy to see a five day layover in Ho Chi Minh City. The last time I was in Vietnam, Hanoi, it was raining for five days straight. So I was hoping for better weather this time of the year.

We departed out of Dubai and after a very calm flight we were greeted with beautiful sunshine on approach and a great landing by my colleague. Off to a good start for our time in Vietnam.

On our way to the hotel, I’ve never seen so many motor scooters squeezing their way through traffic as in HCMC. From really crappy to brand new ones but surprisingly the traffic was flowing very smoothly. After checking into a beautiful hotel in district one, which is downtown Saigon (former name), my captain spontaneously booked a scooter food tour around the city.

So in the evening two twenty year old boys, named Sony and Navy, picked us up on their scooters, each handing us a helmet whilst they wore bicycle helmets, very reassuring, and off we started on our food exploration tour.

1. Bún Bò Huế ( beef noodle soup )
2. Bánh xèo ( Vietnamese pan cake)
3. Bánh cuốn ( Steamed rolling cake )
4. Bánh mì ( Vietnamese Baguette)
5. Seafood ( hairy mussels)
6. Dessert ( Flan cake)

The nice thing about the Vietnamese restaurants we’ve got to eat out at, each of them only had one signature dish which they were famous for. Sony told us that these places haven’t changed their menu neither their prices in years. They aren’t profit driven as Europeans or Americans are. They are happy with what they are serving and want to remain unique. And my word, the food there is one of the best I’ve ever had! What I personally really enjoyed, most of the places we’ve seen that night looked horrible from the outside, but once you’ve “tasted” the inside, the food is so incredibly good, you completely blend out that you were greeted by a rat crossing the door sill as you entered 😉

My recommendation, pack your bags and get on the next flight to start your adventure through beautiful Vietnam.

February 10, 2019